Top 5 Places Best for Sailing

Going on safari in the rich land of Africa or trekking through the beautiful Himalaya is all that most people will think about when the adventure travel is said about. Among the original adventure travel forms, we have in place is sailing, it has ever been believed to be a dangerous form of adventure for quite some time but that has greatly changed of late. Herein are the top five places for sailing you should know;

Southern ocean of South Georgia Island

This site is popular for the important role it played to Antarctica in Ernest Shackleton’s doomed expedition. This is a home of rare sea birds and thousands of penguins. While at this beautiful destination, you have a chance to see fur seals and elephant by hundreds as you keep exploring the once lined shores remains of the long-abandoned whaling stations.

The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

This has for some time been a known adventure travel destination that provides guest exceptional opportunities to see wild animals that are not popular in most parts of the planet. Some of the animals that can be seen here are the sea lions, the famous archipelago’s aquatic iguanas, the giant tortoises, and the blue-footed boobies.

The Whitsunday Islands, Australia

The bucket lists of many Australia visitors comprise of the Outback, the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef. The Whitsunday Islands is a beautiful site located along the Great Barrier Reef and off the Queensland coast. At this destination, you will have a chance to roam around the spectacularly land beaches, water that area a blue shade and an abundance of wildlife.

Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

This is among the beautiful destinations offering visitors lots of rich history, adventure, culture and also a chance to wander and relax in amazing places. Time back, this island was a popular commerce and trade nexus for the Arab world and visitors can still enjoy the remains of that heritage till this day. This is where you will have a chance to enjoy excellent diving and snorkeling moments.

The Greek Isles

Sailors can have an opportunity to enjoy around the Mediterranean, but then, the coast of Greece can be compared by a few options in the world. For visitors who are after a dash of history and culture should get around places like the Paros, Mykonos, and Santorini. This island can be explored well by sea kayaking and daytime wandering around the landscapes of the land and the entire village.